Women’s Empowerment Leadership Success Story – Elizabeth Gabrieli

Elizabeth Gabrieli

Empowering Others by Leading through Example

When she married, her husband paid 20 head of cattle for Elizabeth’s wedding dowry. Raised in a remote village of Kyagata Mara Province of Tanzania, Elizabeth grew up helping her family keep goats and sheep. Elizabeth was born 1955, on a different continent, one year after me. Our lives took different courses, yet today we work together empowering women in the community through the teaching of leadership and business skills.
When Elizabeth’s husband died she was left as the sole support for 6 children and her mother. Elizabeth supported the family through farming with the help of her children. As her circumstances improved she saved and invested in other businesses. Through the sales of baked goods, charcoal, vegetables such as tomatoes and onions, and homemade charcoal she supported her children and ensured their health and education.

Elizabeth has become a strong community leader and mentor. She shares the experiences and learning she acquired as she struggled to build a secure life for herself and family. Her principal income comes from the farming and duck businesses she has personally built. She also is part of several cooperative businesses that maximize the talents of individuals as well as providing all of the ladies with a safety net as they deal with the challenges of living in a third world economy. Collectively they share responsibilities both in business and in caring for the health and welfare of their children and themselves. Today Elizabeth is an active business advisor to the widows in her community. She leads by example and teaches others to follow in her footsteps. By diversifying her income sources, saving and investing carefully for the long term she shows women in her community a clear path out of poverty