The HHF In-Country Philippine Chapter identifies for our clinic locations areas in particular need due to their isolation, lack of government or private dental services, and absence of preventative health care. Our amazing teams of in-country volunteers (aka “The Mountain Angels”) navigate swollen rivers and muddy slippery roads by vehicle and foot on Luzon Island to bring healthcare supplies to our clinic sites.  US based volunteers are encouraged to join these adventurous opportunities, making travel arrangements via Manila.

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Seminara Island, Antigue Province, Philippines           September 5-10, 2016

HHF Philippines Chapter will provide dental exams, cleanings, fluoride application to children, necessary extractions to the Seminara community, and deliver toothbrush, toothpaste and home care instructions to 300 children. They expect to see 100-150 patients per day. The HHF team will be assisted by volunteers from Bethesda Ministries.  Semirara is isolated from the main part of this island province making health services very difficult for island residents to reach. Main livelihoods are deep sea fishing, open pit coal mining and farming, however this is difficult as the soil is poor with a high lime content. The Seminar Marine Sanctuary has initiated a program to spawn giant clams increasing the reef biodiversity and adding to livelihood opportunity. This island of 5500 hectares is home to approximately 20,000 residents.

Arrange, La Union Province, Philippines                         August 20-24,2016

Health & Hope Philippine Chapter traveled to San Benito Elementary School in Aranga to provide care to 345  students.  This is a poor area lacking dental services and not an assigned a government dental provider. The principal of San Benito Elementary School together with teachers and parent association and community have requested Health & Hope to aide in providing care and preventative education to the students. All children will receive exams, cleaning, fluoride, toothbrush, toothpaste, oral hygiene education and any necessary exactions.

La Trinidad, Benguet Provincial Jail, Philippines         May 1, 2016

To celebrate Labor Day in the Philippines, HHF Philippine Chapter organized a Battle of the Bands activity for residents of Benguet Provincial Jail. HHF volunteers have gotten to know residents though providing dental care. They planned this  social activity for residents to display their singing talents and abilities as a part of their reform and transformation while inside the jail.  It was a great success, with food and nourishing items given as prizes.

La Trinidad, Benguet Provincial Jail, Philippines          March 25, 2016

Our second dental mission was successfully conducted here leaving sparkling  smiles from  jail residents. Fourteen members of Health & Hope Foundation Philippine Chapter assisted by 25 interns of Kings College and Cordillera College Criminology provided a dental health outreach to 105  jail residents, otherwise without access to dental care, and were unable to attend the previous outreach.  All 271 residents received toothbrush and toothpaste with great happiness and thanks as these are not supplied to jail residents. Extractions were needed for 40 men, 55 dental cleanings and 9 additional exams were provided. This program is coordinated with support from jail warden Mr. Peter Tip-ac with the approval of the Honorable Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan.

Anasagan, Tuba, Benguet Province, Philippines              March 24-26, 2016

A clinic was provided for 110 students at Piminggan Elementary School, and 113 high school students as well as 475 community members who arrived from 6 villages. Health & Hope Philippine Chapter coordinated Clinical Instructors of Pines Dental School and dental students together with Dr. Juan Sudcalen of SALENG Health Organization to provide a medical dental team.

This is a very poor area approximately 5 hours from the nearest population center, Baguio City, accessed via bumpy, rugged and dusty roads. Due to distance few health services rarely, if ever, arrive. Our team found that many villagers had” no awareness of how they could improve their oral or general health”. The focus became “giving a better smile to the people, especially the children and the younger individuals, to improve their confidence and self-esteem, and enhancing awareness and knowledge in the community that oral-dental health contributes to the health and wellbeing of every individual.”

Travel to this village traverses scenic mountain ranges with steep and deep ravines along sides of the road.  From Anasagan are views of,San Roque Dam,the largest in Asia.  Although the place is within the bounds of huge open pit mining area, the livelihood of the villagers are farming and cattle raising.

La Trinidad, Benguet Province, Philippines                     March 16, 2016

Reception and Study Center for Children requested assistance from Health & Hope Philippine Team to begin a partnership for provision care and loving touch to these special children. This is a center for children age newborn to 6 years  who are either “neglected, abandoned, foundling, surrendered, abused or trafficked.” Due to confidentiality no photographs were taken. Our team provided consultations, care and education as appropriate for 35 children age 1 month to 10 years of age who were temporarily sheltered at the Center.

La Trinidad, Benguet Provincial Jail, Philippines         February 25, 2016

Health & Hope Philippine Chapter coordinated Clinical Instructors of Pines Dental School and Dental students together with SALENG Health Medical-Dental Team to provide care to inmates and staff. Services provided to 150 inmates and 20 staff included oral hygiene instruction, exams, dental cleanings, and tooth extractions.

Sigay, Ilocos Sur Province, Philippines                              March 2015

The Philippine HHF Volunteer Team delivered a 4-day dental clinic caring for members of in this poor rural mountain village. Dental treatment and preventative education was provided to 150 adults and elementary school students.  Volunteers negotiated rouged terrain and multiple river crossings bringing dental treatment and preventative education to the isolated families of coffee and ginger farmers of Sigay in the mountainous west coast on Luzon Island.

Itogon, Ifugao Benguet Provinces Philippines July 2015

Miles of bouncing by jeepney followed by packing clinical gear through mountain jungle and over suspension bridges brought our HHF Philippine Chapter to multiple clinic sites. Preventative education and home care kits were provided to 100 students of Lawiguen and Oling Elementary Schools of Igogon.

During their outreach to the elementary schools, HHF “Mountain Angle” Volunteers were asked to provide much needed relief of dental pain to the inmates of Tiger Hill Jail in Ifugao Province. They quickly brought the team back together to return later in July to Ifugao. Here they treated approximately 100 inmates providing the needed dental extractions as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste for each.