Safari over rutted roads from the Ngorongoro Crater through the Serengeti brought us to Mwanza for our second clinic location. As in the Ngorongo, Serengeti animal viewing was amazing and included several groups of lazing lions and herds of giraffe (Tanzanian national animal).


A local dentist and optometrist, as well as many local volunteers, joined our HHF Vision and Dental Clinics for smooth operation of patient registration, sterilization, translation, electrical, and as clinical assistants. Our clinic site was within a church up a rocky trail overlooking the city of Mwanza. In this 4-day clinic, dental and vision care was provided to an additional 500+ Tanzanians of all ages. We provided outreach to a school for albino children, spending a day with them to provide each child with a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. There is an unusual percent of albinism in the Lake District of Tanzania, with 500,000 there affected by this mutation. These children are placed in placed in sequestered government schools for their protection from mutilation by those who believe their body parts provide magic.


Health & Hope Foundation has roots with involvement in community welfare and education in Mwanza. We visited and exchanged ideas with the leadership, members and students of HHF Tumaini Orphan Tutor School and our Women’s Business Programs. Tumaini School changed buildings in 2015, and this was our first personal visit to the new location. Orphans ages 5-18 attend Tumaini Tutor School on a free or sliding fee basis. Our goal is to create sustainability of free orphan education offered at Tumaini by offsetting this with fees for community English and Computer classes. Progress has been amazing. Children are learning, happy, feel loved, and doing well on National Exams. They are working together and are excited to move forward. Tumaini does not require a uniform, but we brought each child a new blue school logo tee shirt, which they are wearing with honor. For most this is the first new tee shirt ever worn.

Needs are:

  • School supplies, text books
  • Lap top computers, regular and scientific calculators
  • More space for additional children
  • Funds for teacher support
  • Bathroom

A highlight was the delivery of Days for Girls (DfG) feminine personal hygiene kits to each adolescent girl at Tumaini and to the younger women of the Women’s Business Program. The kits, made by our HHF At-Home Volunteers, allow each girl or woman 4-5 days a month attend to school or work with hygiene and confidence. The girls and women could not have been happier with their gifts MANY thanks to the extra efforts by our At-Home Volunteers!

Women’s Business Program

Three years ago she crushed rocks and her family was suffering. Today Mama Regina proudly shows us the storeroom she rents full of huge bags of cassava and maize. She saves some money each day and has managed her profits to buy sell in bulk for greater income. She is further diversifying and with a fresh vegetable business and is interested in obtaining a small stand for her vegetable sales.

Things move at a certain speed, but they ARE MOVING toward health and self-sufficiency. The women work in small groups or alone but meet and learn together. New businesses have formed this year in batik, soap making, as poultry, fish, vegetable, fruit, and cereals businesses continue to grow. All the women agreed that some help with transportation to get their goods to market would help them improve their businesses and increase profits. They are limited currently limited to what they can carry on heads or in buckets. Leaders have been born and have blossomed with in the Business Program.

We were pleased with our contributions which continue to impact this Tanzanian community through improved health, preventive education, and ongoing HHF community health and safety programs for clean water, sanitation, orphan education and vocational programs.

Health & Hope Foundation is immersed into the fabric of Tanzania and will be returning in June 2017 to continue our contributions to community health care.  Learn more on our International Volunteers page, and to stay current with exciting Health & Hope news, please contact us to sign up for our newsletter.