In June 2016 Health & Hope Foundation volunteers delivered a highly successful (and very fun) on-site healthcare clinic to small villages within Mwanza, Tanzania.  Over 1000 patient visits were provided to women, children, and additional community members delivering medical, dental and vision care.

Following an incredible 2-day camping safari animal viewing through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, our US team of 2 physicians, 2 dentists, 2 teachers, a nurse and a paramedic, together with our HHF Tanzanian Representatives, arrived over land in Mwanza.

Accompanied by laughing and curious children, we hiked the steep, rocky path toward sounds of singing and music of Sunday services within the church which would soon become our on-site health clinic.  Out of big blue tubs, arriving in Tanzania as our checked luggage, we transformed the church into areas for registration, pharmacy, sterilization, two medical treatment rooms, a vision center, and four dental operatories.  Local leaders, together with gathered community volunteers, joined us to deliver vision, dental and medical care to village members.

Tanzanian families are grateful and deeply appreciate the wonderful opportunity of health our donors and volunteers make possible. Our first 3 days were dedicated to women and children, with orphans and widows given top priority.  These, who are otherwise without access to care, received consultation and any needed non-surgical medical care, pain relief, dental treatment and vision correction.  Each villager had a chance to meet with our physicians for diagnosis, consultation and treatment for maladies such as skin and internal infections, nutritional deficiencies, acute and chronic diseases, child bearing concerns, and body pains.

Significantly better health was noted in children who attend Health & Hope Tumaini Orphan Tutor School, and are involved in our Feeding Program- our doctors found students with smiling eyes and young skin that glowed.  We are excited to expand this important program to care for additional hungry orphaned children

Hundreds of adults and children no longer endure long lasting tooth aches.  Our dentists removed over 400 hopelessly infected teeth; additionally, dental cleanings and preventive fluoride treatments were provided. Over 900 community members received a toothbrush and oral hygiene instruction to prevent dental disease.

We delivered 600 pairs of glasses for both near and far sighted vision correction as we heard “I can see the bird and now I can see the lesson in school!” and “…yes, now I can read again!”

HHF Team volunteers helped initiate the Tumaini Carpentry Program leading our students through applied mathematics lessons to cut, hammer and construct 2 school desks with attached benches.

Washable feminine hygiene kits, which help girls maintain consistent schooling are made by HHF At-Home Volunteers, and were presented to over 200 overjoyed girls together with sexual safely education.  Kits were delivered to Saba Saba Elementary School and to young women attending Mwanza Hotel Management College. Mama Anna of HHF Women’s Business Program made lavender soaps to include in each girl’s kit. Another 300 kit components were presented to our sewing school for completion within our Women’s Business Program.

Tumaini Tutor School students were taken on a walking science field trip utilizing the EC-Kit water microbiology test for E. coli contaminants.  They gained microbiology experience and important information to share in their community regarding the water safety of commonly used areas.

We were pleased with our contributions which continue to impact this Tanzanian community through improved health, preventive education, and ongoing HHF community health and safety programs for clean water, sanitation, orphan education and vocational programs.

Health & Hope Foundation is immersed into the fabric of Tanzania and will be returning in June 2017 to continue our contributions to community health care.  Learn more on our International Volunteers page, and to stay current with exciting Health & Hope news, please contact us to sign up for our newsletter.