Health & Hope Care Trip Tanzania  May 23- June 24, 2017

 We Include options to allow shorter stays as needed. 

This HHF  Care Trip will encompass 3 main tasks, beginning with our portable Healthcare Clinic in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp near the town of Kigoma. We will then take our clinic to the town of Mwanza for a week long Healthcare Clinic. We will finish in Mwanza with another week of community support for HHF Women’s Business Groups, orphans and Tumaini School projects. It is possible to join in or exit at various points along the way.

The adventure begins when we meet in the town of Arusha, serviced by Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). After an overnight stay at the Planet Lodge in Arusha, we will begin our trip to Kigoma via Mwanza. We will enjoy a 2 night camping/game viewing safari through the Serengeti (tents, sleeping bags provided).  Following the safari, we will overnight in Mwanza. This is a possible “join us” point.

Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania

After an overnight and shower, we depart Mwanza overland toward Kigoma on the western border of TZ, to establish our Dental and Vision Clinics within Nyarugusu Refugee Camp.

Tanzainia is a peaceful country and accepts refugees across its borders. Nyarugusu  is the third largest refugee camp in the world.  Here refugees arrive daily from civil conflicts in neighboring Burundi and Congo.  Originally built for 50,000 refugees, it now hosts 150,000.  Camp leadership has invited Health & Hope Foundation to provide much needed healthcare.

Our 5 to 6 day Healthcare Clinic will be opened to hundreds of refugees in great need. Dental and Vision services are non existent.  In addition, we will focus on Preventive Medicine, First Aid, and distribution of Days for Girls washable feminine hygiene kits made by HHF At-Home Volunteers. Team housing and meals will be provided with a hotel stay outside of the camps in the nearby town of Kasulu.

Following our Nyarugusu Clinic, we will enjoy a day of adventure and relaxation trekking through Gombe Stream National Park, home to Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees.

Mwanza Healthcare Clinic, Tanzania

After one last night in Kasulu following the Gombe Stream National Park tour, we will return to Mwanza. Mwanza is a port city on the southeastern shore of Lake Victoria and HHF’s Tanzanian “headquarters.” In Mwanza, smaller villages, many lacking adequate healthcare, educational opportunities, electricity, clean water, plumbing, and sanitation merge by rutted roads to form the city.  The city itself, a short drive from our Clinic and Programs allows us the opportunity for western style accommodations. This is another “join/exit” point for the remainder of the trip.

Here we will provide a week of vision, dental, and non-surgical medical care in our portable healthcare clinic for the orphans of Tumaini Tutor School, their guardians, and women of Health & Hope Business Program, as well as to the larger Mwanza community.

Mwanza Community Care, Tanzania

In our last week in Tanzania, is another “join us”point.  The Team will  focus on community based needs of education, vocational skills, women’s business development,  safe water, and prevention of land erosion.   We will deliver washable feminine hygiene kits made by our HHF At-Home Volunteers to school girls, assist in the of  education of orphaned students attending HHF Tumaini Tutor School, and provide a Student Sport Camp.

To learn more visit our website pages Mwanza, Tanzania Clinic Reports 2015 and 2016, as well as our International Volunteers page.

Cost per person – approximately $3000-$4000 depending on location and length of stay. Trip includes:  Lodging, meals, and ground transportation. Health & Hope Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization; your volunteer expenses are tax deductible.

Arrival in Tanzania: Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) is serviced by several major airlines from Europe and the Middle East. There are additional routes to arrive in Dar Es Salam, TZ or Nairobi, Kenya and take a regional carrier to Kilimanjaro or Mwanza Airports. VISA purchased at entry.

Exiting Tanzania: Most team members will fly out of Mwanza (MWZ)  or JRO on a regional airline to connect to their outbound flights to the USA.

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