Health & Hope Healthcare Outreach Tanzania May 2018

May 12 to May 27  Provide needed healthcare to rural villagers in communities surrounding Bunda, Tanzania.   

HHF  Tanzanian Healthcare Outreach brings dental, vision and non-surgical medical care to villagers who lack access to healthcare. Our portable clinics are delivered to Tanzania as our checked luggage. Many communities need and request care.  Clinic locations vary according to this need, including care to Masaai peoples of Nainokanoka Village at Ngorongoro Crater, Burundian and Congolese refugees of Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, and to the community of Mwanza.

In 2018 we are excited to be invited to Bunda, an impoverished area northwest of the Serengeti border, with limited access to healthcare services.  We will travel to our clinic site by safari vehicle crossing the Ngorongoro Crater Area and Serengeti National Parks enjoying 2 days of safari camping to view the beauty and wonder of Tanzanian wildlife.  This Outreach adventure begins and ends in the town of Arusha, serviced by Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

Bunda accommodations will be comfortable and hotel based, with all meals provided. We will provide a 5-6 day healthcare clinic to villagers as well as evaluate additional community needs to be addressed in HHF 2019 Outreach.  Healthcare services will include dental and vision care, and non-surgical medical care.  Washable feminine hygiene kits made by our HHF At-Home Volunteers will be provided to girls and women, together with sexual safety information given through local women leaders.

Following healthcare delivery, we will travel by land to Mwanza for flights back to Arusha and return home, or trips can be organized to appreciate more wonders of Tanzania.

Mwanza, Tanzania – Community Empowerment Extension   May 26 to June 6

Mwanza is a port city on the southeastern shore of Lake Victoria and HHF’s Tanzanian “headquarters.” In Mwanza, smaller villages, lacking adequate healthcare, educational opportunities, electricity, clean water, plumbing, and sanitation merge by rutted roads to form the city.  The city itself, a short drive from our Clinic and Programs allows us the opportunity for western style accommodations.

HHF community development programs are provided in Mwanza to support our Women’s Business Empowerment Program, Tumaini  Tutor School students, and to contribute to ongoing infrastructure development and community safety and hygiene.

To learn more visit our  Tanzania Clinic Reports 2015 and 2016,  and 2017 as well as our International Volunteers page.

Cost per person – approximately $3400-$4000 depending on the length of stay. 

Trip includes lodging, meals, and ground transportation.  Health & Hope Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization; your volunteer expenses are tax deductible.

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