Fun!  Personalized Donation Gift Certificates

Thinking of something special or different for your friends and loved ones?   Let HHF help you to spread lasting gifts of health, hope, knowledge, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency by giving a  Personalized Donation Certificate.

Gift Ideas

Donation Provides a gift of
$ 20 Shoes and school supplies for a Tumaini Tutor student to walk with pride.
$ 25 Clothing and a math set for a Tumaini student to succeed in school.
$ 50 Important start-up supplies for a woman begin a sustainable business and feed her family.
$ 75 Uniform, math set, books, and school supplies for a Tumaini student to attend public school and achieve dreams.
$100 Exams, dental and vision care, and needed medicines for 10 children, adults or elders who have been waiting in need.
$150 Tumaini Tutor School Package – tutored education for a child eager to learn  6 days/week.
$175 A year of nutritious and delicious school meals for a malnourished child 6 days/ week ( only $0.56/meal !)
$200 Provide dental care and vision correction to 20 people. Now that is amazing!
$300 “Full-Ride Scholarship” for public school and tutored education. Includes uniform, books, supplies, teacher support, and transportation.
$500 Medical, dental and vision supplies to make HHF Healthcare Outreach possible.

To purchase a donation certificate please use our Contact Us form and include the desired amount and type of donation certificate. The donation certificate will be emailed to you upon receipt of your donation.