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EC-Kit (“EC” for E.coli)  is a field microbiology water test kit for community outreach and healthcare teams working in the developing world that enables them to test water sources for safety.  Knowledge of  E. coli contamination leads to appropriate decisions regarding  water treatment, and prevention of  water borne disease.

The kit combines the best test for E. coli in water, Colilert which gives a presence/absence result for 10ml, with the best way to test for E.coli in foods, the E.coli count Petrifilm, a quantitative test for 1ml.

These tests are specific for E.coli, because they contain a substrate for the Beta-glucuronidase enzyme produced by E.coli, but not for other coliform bacteria. The tests yield striking results within 18 hours, MUG +fluorescent blue in Colilert, a blue colony with a gas bubble on the Petrifilm. The quantitative E.coli count on Petrifilm identifies high and very high- risk water sources.  Electricity is not required for incubation as a fabric incubation belt worn against the body.

The EC-Kit is an alternative to obsolete and cumbersome water testing used in many developing countries, and both villages and governmental agencies use it successfully.  In Water Safety Workshops, local people are instructed how to perform the tests, incubate them overnight, and interpret the results the next day. Participants learn how bacteria, so tiny they can’t be seen, can rapidly multiply overnight and thus cause disease. Not only are communities involved in doing world-class microbiology themselves, but they have new understanding of how germs cause disease and which water sources require treatment before the water is safe to drink.

EC-Kit Includes:
25 Colilert Tests
25 Petrifilms (1 pack)
25 Whirl-Pak bags
25 Sterile, individually wrapped pipettes
UV (backlight) handheld lamp/ 3 AAA batteries
Insulated Cooler Bag/ 2 ice packs
Cardboard Squares/rubber bands
Incubator belt
Total Price= $200.00

Each kit is 1.5 kg, 18x18x24 cm

Note: EC-Kit does not include cost of postage, USPS Priority Mail based on kit size and delivery speed.

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Acknowledgement: The EC-Kit was developed as the Portable Microbiology Laboratory (PML) by Professor Robert Metcalf of the University of California, Sacramento and modified by Susan Murcott, Water Research Engineer, and Educator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.