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Give The Gift Of Education

Barriers to education keep 5.1 million Tanzanian children out of school.  Orphans, children of poor families and girls are most affected, but together we can make a difference.
  • $20 provides shoes and a text book for a Tumaini Tutor student.
  • $65 provides a Tumaini Tutor student school uniform, shoes, math set, book and supplies to attend government school.
  • $150 funds a Tumaini Tutor student’s success by funding the annual  per student costs for Tumaini teaching tutors, learning supplies to pass exam well as well,  and to learn English and computer skills.
  • $175 annually provides a child a nutritional school meal 6 days a week…. This is $0.56 per day.
  • $840 provides a $7 government school text book for each Tumaini Tutor Primary and Secondary student to allow study for lessons and exams.
Join us in supporting The HHF Tumaini Tutor School, a free tutor school providing educational opportunity to orphaned and ultra-poor children. To learn more about our programs and impact, click here. To support his important work, simply designate your gift in the drop down form below.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Women’s Sustainable Business Package $50 means we can provide

start-up supplies for a woman to begin a sewing, poultry, cooking or market business that enables her to become self-sufficient and feed her family.

HHF Tumaini Tutor School Package $150 means we can provide

tutored education 6 days/week to an ultra-poor child so she/he can catch up and keep up with peers. Teachers, books, supplies, nutrition, and tutoring are provided which promote passing government school exams, as well as English and computer classes.

Government School Fees Package $300 means we can provide

a “full ride scholarship” to a child in need for she/he to attend government school by providing uniform, books, supplies, exam fees, transportation and expenses for after school assistance to complete their education, offering a healthier more prosperous life.

Healthcare Delivery Package $500 means we can provide

examinations, dental care and vision care and medications to 50+ adults and children lacking access or resources for healthcare services.

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