Our partners help provide supplies which the Health & Hope Foundation delivers to those in need. 

Dental Care Clinic Partners

Henry Shein Dental provides savings on dental and sterilization supply

Vision Care Partners

Restoring Vision provides savings on quality reading glasses for adults as well as sunglasses.

Vision Spring provides savings on comfortable and durable bifocal reading/working glasses for adults

Shark Eyes offers us saving on good quality glasses for distance as well as high powers of near vision glasses.


Medical and Pharmaceutical Care Partners

 Blessings International provides savings on medical supplies, pharmaceutical needs, and child and adult vitamins.


 Women’s Health and Hygiene Partners

Days for Girls teams partner with us to make washable feminine hygiene kits available for delivery within our Care Outreach Clinics.

Studio Naga provides instruction for self-defense for women and girls. 


Solar Powered Supply Partners

Solar Solutions provides discounts on aquapaks for point of use solar water pasteurization of contaminated water in home and school use.

Solar Cookers International offers discounts for 1-pot solar cookers sparing natural resources, and for Water

Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) to test for properly pressurized water

Solar Justice Empowering Humanity… Promoting Energy Equality


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