Free or sliding fee tutored instruction is provided to orphaned Tanzanian children financially unable to attend public school. HHF Scholarship Program provides additional opportunity for education.

Fact: In many developing countries families provide funds for government school tuition, supplies, uniform and exams. This limits educational opportunities. Illness and the need to work can interrupt schooling. Costs escalate above grade 5 further limiting education.

What does HHF do?

Tumaini Tutor School for Health & Hope – Mwanza, Tanzania

Tumaini (Tu ma ee nee) is Swahili for “hope and optimism for a good future”

To invest in the future of children and provide an opportunity where there was none, Health & Hope operates Tumaini Tutor School for orphaned children to obtain a free/sliding fee education, no uniform required.   A former chicken coop (with some remodeling) is now school to 120 children ages 4-18 attending regular classes and/or small group tutoring during and after public school hours. Six Tanzanian educators are offered support by HHF to teach a full scope of academics classes. Students can begin an education, and attend tutor sessions to catch up and keep up with their peers when gaps in education occur due to illness or financial inability.

Tumaini students are active in water safety projects. With the help of field microbiology water safety testing EC-Kit they are knowledgeable about safe and unsafe drinking sources. Students have an active program for Solar Water Pasteurization to create safe drinking water for their own consumption and to sell clean water in the local community creating a fund for school supplies.

How can you help?  Offer a hand to provide school supplies and support to our amazing teachers who provide education, encouragement, and life ethics  to our orphaned students.  They are the ones who give our students a chance.  Cost is $135 per month per full time teacher.


Health & Hope Foundation Scholarship Program

Tumaini students with academic promise, financial need preventing them from attending public school, and community leadership are provided scholarship to attend a nearby public school, complemented by their regular Tutor School attendance.  HHF Scholarship Program includes government school tuition, books, supplies, uniform and exam fees.  Currently 15 orphans are in the Scholarship Program with many deserving children waiting for academic sponsorship support.  Ongoing relationships through mail and email (and maybe a visit?) are encouraged.

How can you help?  Adopt a student scholar.  Invest in the future by affording an orphaned child attending Tumaini Tutor School the opportunity to attend public school as well.

Cost per year for public school tuition, books, uniform, supplies, with stipend for food and  medical fund:

Sponsor a Scholarship Student  for $300 per year, just $25 per month!

How can you help?

Invest in education through sponsorship of a student in the HHF Orphan Scholarship Program, donate to purchase school supplies, books and desks, and to our fund to provide teacher support.

Become a Health & Hope Pen Pal with one of our students. Learn more.

Join a Health & Hope Team as a visiting teacher or spend time with the students learning to read, speak English or use the computer. Learn more.