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We provide supplies for our portable health care clinics and preventative medical care. Health and Hope Foundation volunteers experience cultural immersion and adventure travel while providing dental, vision, and preventative medical services to impoverished people of Tanzania and the Philippines.

Dental Care

Fact: In the developing world, 85% of dental needs are surgical, focusing on abscessed and non-salvageable decayed teeth; preventative dental is rare or non-existent.  Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries and with less than 1 dentist per 150,000 people.  Poor diets and lack of preventative programs exacerbate the problem.

What does HHF do?

Our US Volunteer Team travels annually to Tanzania.  We support and work hand-in-hand with our HHF Philippine Chapter which delivers dental care to several impoverished rural Filipino communities each year.

Health & Hope Dental Clinics provide Preventative Dental Care through programs that include cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants.  Children are provided with toothbrushes and toothpaste along with education in proper brushing technique. Patients with decay are provided dental extractions for non-restorable teeth and dental fillings where needed.  All are provided preventative nutrition and dental education to save remaining teeth.

Vision Care

Fact: World Health Organization states blindness is avoidable for 4/5 of the 285 million visually impaired globally, and 90% of avoidable blindness occurs in developing countries.  Africa and the western Pacific account for 43% of the world’s preventable cases of blindness.

What does HHF do?

In our health clinics in the Philippines, Tanzania, Health & Hope Foundation volunteers support Vision 2020, the WHO Global Initiative to Eliminate Avoidable Blindness by the year 2020. We provide individuals preventative education and awareness within our network of local healthcare workers. Vision examinations, diagnosis, and treatment for ophthalmic disease are provided when specialists are available and reading glasses are provided when prescribed for aging eyes.

Distributing Reading Glasses Widow with Dr. Timothy for Eye Glasses Prescription

Preventative Medicine and Medical Care

Fact:  Lack of safe water, sanitation, adequate nutrition, and housing are serious challenges in the developing world.  Effective public health control measures and clinical treatments exist for many diseases, yet high cost often precludes their use.   In countries with per capita incomes of under $500, only $4 to $5 is spent on health care, with little reaching the rural poor.  Common problems are malaria, complications of HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, bacterial diarrhea, skin diseases, worm infestations, and urinary and pelvic inflammatory disease.

What does HHF do?

Health & Hope Foundation places an emphasis on preventative medicine. Medical care may include child, maternity, or general exams, non-invasive treatments, vaccinations, treatment for non-chronic disease, and deworming clinics.  We also provide children shoes to prevent GI worms, a major cause of missed school days.   HHF works with in-country providers to help our patients gain access for further diagnostic testing or treatment and follow up.

Volunteers work within communities training individuals to conduct on going water field-tests.  Training is conducted in water sanitation techniques including solar water pasteurization. Tippy Tap hand washing stations are introduced and hand washing technique taught in communities where shared latrines exist without plumbing for hand washing and hygiene.  Effective hand washing reduces diarrheal disease by 50%, respiratory disease by 33 %, and also limits the spread of the flu, SARS, Cholera and Ebola. [Learn more about The Simple Power of Handwashing]

Safe cooking techniques and nutritional guidance are provided based on favorite local dishes and available ingredients.

Community First Aid education and kits are provided to allow best outcomes for First Responders and prevent acute injury complications common in rural developing areas.

Health & Hope Safe Housing Program works with local craftsmen to create safe housing and repair or replace failing mud and stick homes of impoverished widows in our Women’s Business Program.


How can you help?


Join the HHF team for a health care trip or help sponsor a team member. Learn more.


Donate finances to provide supplies and support for our portable health care clinics and preventative medical care. Your donation allows us to provide the following items and support health care strengthening efforts. Click here to donate now.

Item Cost Benefit
Sports ball $ 10/many children Promotes self-reliance and teamwork
Deworming medication $ 50/100 children Prevents GI worms and increases school days
Toothbrushes $ 50/50 smiles Prevents dental disease
Dental sealants/fluoride $ 100/50 children Seals and  protects young teeth
Prescription lenses $ 7/ per person Increase learning, comfort, and safety
Clinical supplies $ 50-500 Dental/Medical clinical supplies and equipment