Work hand in hand with resident leaders. Stay local, stay fluid, listen, learn, minimize costs, maximize value, direct all donations to causes and buy locally to stimulate resident economies.

We are all-volunteer and believe passion spreads compassion.

Built on the belief that health and education are the foundation for sustainable improvements in living conditions, the Health & Hope Foundation (HHF) takes a holistic approach to community development. By identifying at risk groups, and delivering a broad spectrum of health and support services, HHF builds strong foundations for sustainable health and success. HHF clinics and programs take a fluid and dynamic approach to solving individual and group challenges in a way that can be sustained for long term development and growth. The clinics gather local and international expertise together to focus on providing in depth, multifaceted support for target groups with the goal of making communities self sustaining. Living, working, recreating together in the community creates a meaningful exchange of cultural perspectives and life experiences.

  • Operate with minimal administrative costs allowing individual contributors to focus their energies on their area of passion.
  • Target specific community groups to create sustainable improvements in life style.
  • Work with local talent, leadership, and resources to guide and advise where our assistance can be best applied.
  • Strengthen local economy with job training programs, local purchasing, partnerships with local professionals and organizations.
  • Seek and fill gaps in local infrastructure, provide job training for widows, tutoring programs for at risk students.
  • Offers opportunities for volunteerism to individuals seeking a multifaceted volunteer experience

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